Want to look like your favorite celebrity? Here’s how…

by #AzontoShop .

When the word ‘celebrity’ pops up in your head, you always imagine a person that absolutely looks fabulous- great skin, great hair, designer clothes, bags, and shoes, popping nails and fantastic makeup for the ladies. So maybe you love a particular celebrity that always brings his/her A-game at every event, and you want to look the same way. Even though you may not have the financial capability to create a team that is solely after your beauty needs or to afford beauty treatments, there are several steps you can take to ensure that you look breathtaking everywhere you go.

Do you want to achieve that glamorous look but don’t know where to begin:

  • Choose your favorite celebrity/celebrities: There should be a particular celebrity or group of celebrities that always speak elegance and style whenever they step out. Choose one and research all you can about the person. Find out their style and mode of dressing- Is it too showy? Do they love glitter? Are they creative in their dressing? What fashion pieces are they most attracted to? What shops and fashion houses do they patronize? This is highly important as it will give you a heads-up on how to start, even though you may not be financially capable. It is also advised that you keep a photo library of their appearances at various events and occasions, just in case!
  • Learn to improvise: I know right? This is one of the hardest things to do especially when you see that beautiful designer stiletto heel or clutch bag. You have done your research and realized that you might not be able to patronize to shop at their type of stores. But all hope is not lost! All you have to do is to learn the tricks of improvisation. There are so many inexpensive yet quality fashion pieces that one can purchase around. You can also visit online stores and get really good products delivered to you. As long it is fashionable and chic, who cares about the store? All that matters right now is the combination! Also, do not follow every trend that pops up in the market. Remember that celebrities create trends, not follow them. Know the style that appeals to you, and follow that.
  • Don’t try to shop for a lot of things at the same time: No matter how beautiful certain products are, do not put excessive pressure on your wallet. Ensure you take a look at your weekly or daily budget before making any transaction. Carefully choose and buy those pieces, (especially if there are expensive) one at a time. The celebrity look doesn’t come overnight. It will take time and a lot of consistent efforts.
  • Take care of your skin: A great skin is one of the trademarks of a celebrity. That is why most celebrities spend a great amount of time searching and purchasing beauty products to enhance their skin. So it’s important that you do too. Know your skin tone and find out what’s best for you, then purchase skin care products to enhance it. You can also register at beauty spas and parlors where you can get good massages and several beauty treatments to make your skin glow. Don’t forget to eat lots of veggies, take lots of water and stay away from harsh sun rays as much as possible.
  • Take care of your teeth: A sparkly white teeth often begets a good smile. Research has even shown that many people are drawn to a particular celebrity because of his/her smile. So, it is highly essential that you take adequate care of your teeth. Brush it properly twice a day. Regularly remove food remains after eating to avoid germ buildup. Avoid taking in excessive amounts of sugary substances to prevent rapid tooth decay. Take in lots of water, and wear a smile as often as you can. Don’t forget to book an appointment with the dentist today, as you may never know what’s happening in your mouth till you search.
  • Hair: Yes! To one of the important trademarks of beauty, a person’s hair! It can transform a person’s look in a twinkle of an eye. Most celebrities spend a lot of money and time, purchasing different hair or hair wigs, and experimenting with different colors and styles. In fact, some people even rate celebrities based on how creative they are with their hair. This is why you must take proper care of it regularly. Wash and clean it all the time. Even though you may not have money to buy extremely expensive hair, you should make the best use of the resources you have. You can also add different hair accessories and clip-on, and don’t forget to try different colors that would make your hair pop.
  • Eat right and exercise: You cannot even begin to imagine the number of gym trainers and nutritionists that are employed by celebrities every year. They understand the importance of having a good body shape, so they spend a lot of time exercising either at home or at gym centers. Plus, they have diet rules that they strictly adhere to. Same should apply to you. Even though you will not be able to gain gym membership, try exercising around your house or neighborhood to keep yourself in shape. Also, it’s important that you watch what you eat. No excessive amounts of fatty or sugary foods. Take a lot of water and veggies. Eating well ensures that your body’s immune system is strengthened to fight off diseases and help you look younger and healthier. Wouldn’t you love that?
  • Use accessories like a pro: The level of fashion style for most celebrities are not merely judged by their outfits alone. It’s the totality of everything they have on, including accessories- from their scarves, bags, shoes, hats, cuffs, to jewelry pieces- and their ability to blend it all together. That is why many of them spend a lot of money on purchasing designer accessories. This, again, is where the research you have done previously comes in. Check how your favorite blends different accessories together, and do yours the same, even though you may not be able to afford the same products. Remember, that simplicity is key. A little accessory and jewelry piece here and there will do the magic!
  • Dress properly: You do not have to be a billionaire to creatively combine your outfits. Since you have done your research on your favorite celebrities and their modes of dressing, ensure you dress according to their style and your budget. Dressing properly will not only give people a good impression of you, but it will also attract them to you. You only need a few quality pieces to get the ball rolling. So step out with style today, and don’t forget to throw in the attitude!
So there you have it, people! Celebrities are people like us that have carved a name for themselves, so they take more time to ensure that they look good, as it has great effects on their confidence and personality. Ensure you follow these guidelines according to your budget, live your best life, look beyond your physical flaws, and if you must, undergo plastic surgery.
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