Recommended New Fashion Trends

by #AzontoShop .

New fashion trends for this year point to the use of extravagant dresses that coupled with equally extravagant silhouettes from the eighties point to a desire to dress comfortably.

The eighties were a time when people were relatively prosperous and the fashion trends of the time were rather fast and furious.

Today, millennials are not so ready to splurge on a new home and so they have more income in hand to spend on fashion items. They would like to buy party dresses that reflect a radical departure from the harsh realities of their lives.

What do women like?
While on the topic of new fashion trends, it pays to keep in mind that women are going for masculine power suits. They want to dress in clothes that have asymmetry and which are made from metallic fabrics.

Also, women are looking to dress in formal clothes though some are going for a casual look which emphasize the classic eighties’ sporty dresses. For those who want to dress in a formal or dressy style, there are several options including from designers like Gucci and Givenchy as well as Kate Spade. Their sexy dresses for women do not need any introduction. Leather and boxy shaped dresses are much in demand as too are chain embellishments and use of metal fastenings.

Ripped jeans for men
Ripped jeans for men is the new wardrobe staple for men. they make a man look very smart and casual. The nice thing about choosing ripped jeans for men is they can be spruced up and they work very well for those who need to dress for office in a casual manner. Keep in mind the position of the tear on the jeans says a lot about the wearer. At the very least, they will make a man stand out in the crowd.

Women’s one-piece swimsuit options
For women who are preparing to wear a one-piece swimsuit, there are again many options available. These items of swimwear are very comfortable and they also flatter the buttocks. In addition, they make the wearer look taller and sexier.

Women who want to look different will do well to choose their women sportswear carefully. To stay abreast of the latest fashion trends, women need to keep things as simple as possible. This means they should choose white colored t-shirts and grey stretched sweat-leggings that along with black colored runners and a hooded anorak will complete the look and keep you protected against the winds and rains.

Neutral look
If you want to look more neutral, then you need to go with a sporty navy colored bra top that along with grey colored sweatpants and a pair of blue colored sneakers will complete the look.

Women who want to look fresh will do well to wear sports bra-tops that along with athletic shoes and some kicks (light blue) will complete the look. To give this look a fresh twist, why not also wear neon pale yellow t-shirts?

Last but not least, when the time comes to choose trendy party dresses, be sure to go with a dress in silk and velvet. To show your soft side, be sure to wear pale and delicate hues.


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