Keep up with fashion trends in 2019 with these 11 ways

by #AzontoShop .

Fashion is everything in today’s world. When we improve our fashion and style, our personal and professional lives are affected positively. Plus, it improves our social relationships as we would give off a good impression of ourselves anywhere we go.

But the fashion industry is crazy. Every day, it continuously spins styles and trends, either by innovating a totally new concept or by revolving an old 50s or 60s style to something more modern and fashionable. With the millions of fashion designers around the world, it is no surprise that it is difficult to keep up with everything that comes up.

Want to be updated on the latest fashion trends but do not know where to start? Not to worry! We got you covered:

  • Watch runway shows: What better place to know the latest fashion styles and trends than the place where it actually evolves? Runway shows feature the best fashion brands and designers from around the world with their brilliant ideas and concepts, so it is important that you watch them. Even though you cannot gain direct access to these shows, there are several online resources that show photos, reviews, and videos of the event. Plus, you have to be very observant. Observe the different colors and shapes they use, especially the fashion pieces by your favorite designers. This will go a long way in helping you combine colors and pieces for your outfits as well.
  • Follow your favorite fashion designers and brands on social media: Another way to keep up with fashion trends is to follow your favorite brands on all social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). Get to know their current activities and sources of inspiration and be active on their page. Also, maximize fashion hashtags and follow celebrities whose styles you admire. Even if you do not have a phone, you can do it on the internet. Who knows? You may earn a free ticket to their shows or a shopping voucher one day.
  • Read fashion blogs and publications: Most newspapers usually have fashion corners where they post current fashion styles and trends. Ensure you keep yourself updated with them. Also, there are many fashion review articles online that you could read from, and most designers have websites where they post their current designs and ask fans to comment on them. Avail yourself to all these opportunities. Don’t forget fashion bloggers.
  • Regularly go window shopping: The good thing about retail stores is that they convert those high-class pieces from fashion designers to everyday pieces. You have to be friends with retailers to be able to do this effectively. When you do, ensure you pay close attention to what the retailers are selling. Pay more attention to what the mannequins have on because most retailers put their best pieces on mannequins for display. You can also check out top pieces on online fashion stores and sign up for their daily newsletter, as most fashion brands send out emails to their subscriber when a new style drops in. Fantastic, isn’t it?
  • Buy only what you love: It’s much better to do your research properly before you go out to shop so that you do not buy what you may regret later. Don’t put yourself under intense pressure to buy something anytime you shop or follow all the trends. Celebrities and fashion icons do not follow trends; rather they set them. Take things gradually. Also, explore other stores. You may never know what you’ll like till you get in. Even though you may not like their pieces, it will broaden your knowledge about fashion and the latest trends.
  • Downsize your closet: It’s much better to manage a small closet than have a large closet filled with stuff you don’t need. You must practically keep up with new fashion trends by getting rid of old and outdated styles, and clothes you don’t want anymore. Plus, be very honest with yourself and don’t allow doubts to settle in. If you haven’t worn a cloth in over a year, it’s better you discard it or give it to someone else, or better still, charity. Also, discard clothes that you have outgrown. This way, you not only de-clutter your room but give way for something new and fresh.
  • Map out a new system to organize your clothes: This way, you can keep an honest record of things you own. It will also help you to arrange your basic clothing items like jackets, t-shirt, and fitting jeans and pair them up with trendier fashion pieces as time goes on. Take note of the color too, so you don’t buy the same piece twice.
  • Make accessories your best friend: There is no better way to look simple and classy than using quality accessories. They add beauty and sophistication to any outfit you put on. It can be shoes, bags, scarves, sunglasses, cuffs, hats, rings, waist belt, wristwatch, etc. The beautiful thing is that you do not have to be a millionaire to afford these things. There are several quality products in the market you can afford, plus online stores are there at your disposal, so make your choice and look trendy.
  • Make use of thrift stores: This is a great way of enhancing your wardrobe collection when old styles come back into fashion. Most thrift stores are underrated because many persons feel that they do not have quality pieces. If you want to be a low budget celebrity or fashion icon, you have to make thrift stores your best friend. Not only are thrift stores handy, but they give you quality for less. When you look amazing, who cares about the stores anyway?
  • Stay on a budget: The importance of this cannot be overemphasized. Do not put stress on your purse all in a bid to look fashionable. Most trendy fashion pieces are quite expensive, so it is important that you stay on a budget and set limits, so you do not go bankrupt all on a quest to look fashionable. Stick to buying one or two pieces for some time. Keep records of the styles you like and purchase them when you have the money, after saving of course!
  • Rock your outfits regularly: You cannot claim to keep up with fashion trends without actually looking fashionable. Fashion icons do not attain the level of fame they have by hiding their designer outfits and accessories in a bag or closet. By properly combining your outfits and the right accessories, rock your outfits to events- be it birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or any occasion that needs you looking all glammed up, and don’t forget to give the classy and confident attitude.

CONCLUSION: keeping up with fashion trends in 2019 can be an exhausting experience, especially with new concepts and ideas springing up every day at an alarming rate. Remember, do not only follow fashion trends on outfits like dresses and suits alone. You can also follow fashion brands that design different accessories, from bags, shoes, wristwatches, and even jewelry pieces. It’s all part of keeping your fashion A-game. With these tips, hopefully, you would be able to keep up with the latest fashion trends in 2019 and live the life of your dreams.

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