Here are the 2019 must-have accessories for your wardrobe

by #AzontoShop .

Yes! This is the year that you decide to make a fashion statement and turn heads wherever you go. Great choice!

But you must understand that fashion doesn’t just involve wearing designer clothes, but it is the totality of everything you have on from the crown of your head to the sole of your feet, even down to the hair and nails.

In order to look classy and amazing, yet simple, you have to make the best use of accessories in various forms. Using it helps you to put up a good look especially when in the mornings when you are in haste. Proper placement of accessories also spice up your look yet keep it simple, so it does not appear that you are trying too hard.  

Here are must-have accessories every person should have in his/her wardrobe to give them that amazing look:

  • A hat: This important accessory is usually overlooked and underrated. It works with various clothes and can be used for various activities, like church services, weddings, thanksgivings or even a girl’s night out. It not only makes you classy and chic but also helps to conceal your hair especially on bad hair days, days when your hair just doesn’t want to look right. It comes in various colors and designs, so purchase many based on your personal style. You can check out our Women Brim Novelty Straw Skimmer. You won’t regret it, trust me!
  • A classy bag: You can never go wrong with our Fashion small chain bag and Leather men messenger Crossbody bag. Having a strong and fashionable bag is everything. Using it not only keeps your items in check but makes you look complete physically. It comes in various sizes and colors, so choose one that complements your style and personality. For those that want it simple, you can use a small shoulder or clutch bag (metallic clutch bags are trending right now, perfect for weddings), a cross body bag for those emergency moments or a bag with a handle (perfect for guys). Monochrome colors are chic, but you can also go for a bag with a variety of colors if you want that popping look.
  • A belt: Nothing beats a belt, ladies and gentlemen. In whatever style and shape it comes, it always accentuates the body figure for the ladies. There are different types of belts that work with different outfits. We have the chain belts that mostly acts as a fashion piece, the waist belt that works pretty well in showing off a woman’s figure, and a host of others. For the men, it is more than just an accessory that holds their trouser in place. It is a fashion item. Just ensure that the color of the belt matches that of the shoe.
  • A classic watch: it is highly impossible to not feel fashionable when you wear a really great watch. Although it may look too little to have a fashion impact, wearing a good watch gives you that sense of class. Plus, you do not have to be a millionaire to afford one. There a lot of amazing wristwatches in the market that come in various colors and designs. So choose one that complements your style. For all our fashion wristwatch lovers, our Top Brand Rogelino feminino wristwatch and Watch Men Sports Wristwatch are great choices.
  • Scarves: Scarves have been underrated for so long, but it is time to give it the respect it deserves. Maybe what pops up in your mind when you hear the word is using it to cover one’s hair for a church service or when a person has a really bad hair day. But it is more than that. Scarves can add life to your outfit and can be used in various ways, such as wrapping it around your neck, folding it into your breast pocket, or tying it around your wrist or bag handle. It gives both men and women a sophisticated look wherever they go. As usual, they come in different colors, styles, and lengths, so choose the one that suits you.
  • Sunglasses: Our lens polarized fashion sunglasses and fashion luxury aviation sunglasses will definitely attract your attention. There is nothing that breeds sophistication and class than a sunglass. It does not just shade one’s eyes from the intense heat of the sun, but it gives people that sense of elegance and style. It comes in different shapes- some have the v-curve, circle lens, rectangular frame or lens and even love-shaped frame- and colors. It also has different styles- some have tinted lenses- and suits both men and women. So go for whatever complements your style.
  • Rings: Who says rings are for engagements and those tying the knot? Rings highly complement one’s style and suit every occasion. The beautiful thing about it is the glittery part of it, the parts where a diamond or stone is affixed at the top. But if ‘shiny’ is not your thing, you can go with those big chunky costume rings. They come in very creative styles that can suit anybody. You will get more fashion points if it rhymes with your clothes, bag or shoe. Check out our silver-plated arrow crystal ring and positive vibes resizable ring
  • Shoes: Shoes do not just have the singular purpose of covering your feet, but it gives you this sense of sophistication. They come in various forms and designs, and the heels can be of different colors as well. But one thing you have to consider when selecting your shoe is comfort first, before beauty and design. Buy shoes that are comfortable and boosts your confidence. Check out our brand high heel shoes for that grand entrance today!
  • Cuff: Don’t get the wrong idea people! Cuffs are not only meant for prisons. This powerful yet highly underrated wardrobe accessory has the ability to totally transform one’s look and add glitter. They come in different forms for people who want shine and gloss or those that want to keep it simple. It is also produced in various colors, but gold and silver work best. Use it as a fashion accessory today, especially our unisex black leather cuff bracelet and thank me later!
  • Flat shoes: Heels are not everything, people! Flat shoes are popular because they can be used for almost any occasion, and they help to give that simple yet chic look. There are several flat shoe products out there made with different designs. Get a series of flat shoes made from different materials and add them to your wardrobe accessories. You would be able to make a comfortable yet grand entrance, especially our embroidered women flats.
  • Get an accessory with an animal skin print: If you do not have an animal skin accessory in your wardrobe, then you are really missing. Fashion divas around the world have made headlines showing off their animal print clothes or accessories. It can preferably be on a scarf, bag or shoe. If you don’t like tiger skin, try leopard or better still snakeskin. It will be worth the while.

CONCLUSION: So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen! Ensure you have each of these items in your wardrobe this year and enjoy life as it comes. Remember, fitting and personal style is everything. Do not go for anything you are not comfortable with.

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