8 Tips To Help You Pull Off The Perfect Wedding Guest Look

by #AzontoShop .

Weddings are special events that happen once in a person’s life (in some cases, it might be two), so it is very important that you show solidarity and support to the bride and groom by dressing in your best. Nothing beats preparation. There are so many things that need to be put in place to ensure that you pull off the perfect look; from having your clothes properly tailored and groomed to setting the right accessories. However, it is important that you place a bridge between pulling off an amazing look and wearing appropriate clothing to respect the big day.

Here are some 8 solid tips to ensure that you look amazing as a wedding guest:

  • Have a mental picture once the invite comes in: As soon as you get the invitation card, you should already have a mental picture of how you would want to look like. It’s very important that you know the theme of the wedding. Will it have a traditional, cocktail or ball setting? This will give you an idea of what to expect.

While it is good to stick to your own personal style, ensure you respect the wishes of the couple by putting up the color stipulated in the card. Also, it is very unadvisable to wear white to a wedding in whatever form, especially for the ladies. Not only is it seen as a disrespect to the couple, but it could cause a bit of confusion. You wouldn’t want someone to see you as the bride or groom now, would you?

Furthermore, do not wear jean outfits, be it jackets or trousers, to a wedding. Everyone at that wedding is going to look their best, so you wouldn’t want to look too casual. Then flip-flops is a big no, except when you want to kill it on the dance floor!

  • Study the environmental and weather: When you see an invite, you should first check, amongst other things, the location of the wedding, both for the ceremony and party. Take into cognizance different factors that will apply on that day. Is the venue far from your home/hotel and you are not driving? Ensure you carry a flat shoe or one with slight heels so that you’ll be able to work comfortably. Is it completely a church affair? Most times couples tend to have the ceremony and party within the same building to reduce excess cost. If that’s the case, carry a shawl or a jacket if you are planning to wear a short sleeve dress. Is it an outdoor wedding? Ensure you wear sandals or shoes that will allow you to walk freely.

Also, consider the season and weather conditions. If the wedding falls during the summer, when the weather temperature is usually at its peak, you can wear a fashionable clothing made with light material. During the autumn season, when the weather is a bit cool, you can put on something warmer. But if it’s during the cold winter season, keep yourself warm and fashionable. You wouldn’t want to be shivering at a corner of the room when everyone is having the time of their lives.  

  • Be prepared for any unusual situation: weddings also come with unusual situations. While you are getting ready to wow everyone, keep in mind that your dress, suit or accessory may have a malfunction. So it is important that you are prepared for anything. Ensure you carry along safety pins, fashion tapes, Band-Aids and an extra pair of shoe, especially when you are not using a car.
  • Get your dress/suit tailored well and on time: Fitting is everything. Do not bother spending lots of money on a tux or dress if they do not fit. It is much better to buy inexpensive clothes and spend more money making sure that it is tailored to your size. Ensure you shop or arrange your clothes in time to see if there are any mishaps before the big day. If they are not ready-made pieces, make several arrangements with the tailor or designer and try it severally in their presence. It’s all about you, so you have to feel good and comfortable. You can’t afford to take chances with these things.
  • Choose the right shoe: This applies to both male and female guests. When selecting a shoe, search for comfort and ease before beauty, design, and cost. It is essential that you pick a shoe that you can comfortably walk in, especially when you plan to dance and enjoy yourself at the wedding, so as not be distracted by pain. Besides, your shoe might not get too much attention and exposure especially when you are wearing a really long dress, so just choose one that fits.
  • If you like it, then you are sure to put a belt on it: This is an underrated yet extremely important accessory for female wedding guests. It is certain that it doesn’t go with all clothes, but with the ones that do, ensure you put a belt to accentuate your figure. For the guys, make sure that you use a classy belt whose color matches with those of your shoes. Not only will it make you look more fashionable, but it will tell people that you know what’s up and give them a good impression of you.
  • Nothing can go wrong with the right jewelry piece: so finally, ladies and gentlemen, do not underestimate the power of using the right jewelry piece. For the ladies, it can be glittering dropping earrings and a matching necklace (If you are wearing a high-neck dress, then you shouldn’t wear a necklace). You can also add fancy hair clips and shiny bracelets. For the men, nothing beats a classy wristwatch. You can even throw in a sunshade depending on the weather. However, remember that simplicity equals elegance and beauty. Try not to over-accessorize, as it may look like you’re trying too hard. A bit of accessory here and there is enough.
  • Combine accordingly: Remember those times when you were little that you learned different colors and combinations? You have to apply it here. No matter how beautiful or expensive the outfits and accessories are, your efforts in trying to look fashionable will all be a waste if they do not match. As simple as this tip is, there are so many people out there that have disastrous fashion days because their outfit colors scream for help. Find out different colors and their appropriate color combinations. If you are still confused, you have black as a shoulder to lean on!

CONCLUSION: So there you have it, people! You may not try to look better than the couple, but it’s important that you look amazing to respect their big day. Do adequate research. Find out the theme and style of the wedding. This will really work if you have a personal relationship with the couple. Then start your preparations early. Don’t forget pictures- what’s the point of dressing so well that you can’t let out a single smile? You can start practicing the poses on time too. Hopefully, with these tips, you will be able to look amazing and pull off the perfect wedding guest look.  

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